Celebration of HSC class of 2021

Friday 25th February 2022 at 1.30pm

* IMPORTANT: The live stream will begin automatically, if you can’t see the stream close to the starting time please refresh your browser, most problems can be solved by refreshing your browser. Ensure your volume is not muted.  The four arrows in a square on the bottom right of the video are to view full-frame.  

We live stream using the best balance between picture quality and internet stability for the connection available at the venue. However, internet connections can vary unexpectantly for reasons outside our control.  In the rare event of a “live stream offline” message, keep watching and refresh your browser as this is normally temporary and the video will continue automatically.  If there are continued problems with the stream, please don’t stress, the video will be available to watch on this private page within 24 hours. 

For technical assistance please text +61414563552 

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